casa cangrejo xcalak


Xcalak stands Out as one of those remarkable fly fishing destinations that offers a large variety of fishing in some of the least unspoiled coastal environments in the world.
Xcalak is considered primarily a Bonefish and Permit fishery, but there are year- around opportunities for Tarpon as well.
The Bonefish average two to three-and-a-half pounds in most locations, but there are lots and lots of them, and it is not at all unusual to catch fish In the four- to seven- pound range. Snook, Jacks, Barracuda and Sharks round out the set of more common species pursued by fly fishers here.

Xcalak Basics for Fly Fishers

Rods:6-9 weights for bonefish, 8-10 for permit, 8-12 for tarpon
Lines:Floating weight-forward, intermediate and sinking optional, 9-foot leaders
Other Essential Gear:Wadding shoes, insect repellent, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen
Filies:Bonefish – Bonefish Bitters, Gotchas, Crazy Charlies; Permit – Merkin Turneffe Crabs, Puglisi Crabs; Tarpon – Black, Green/White, Cookroach